Company Profile

As it has been since our beginning, we strive to create products that stand apart in their uncompromising quality and attention to detail. From the way they make your skin feel, to how they restore and brighten your outlook, to the way they look on your counter or dressing table.

Our goal is to create collections that are as unique and complex as you are. With expressive, evocative scents that convey style, atmosphere, personality, feeling…with beautifully designed packaging. And safe, beneficial products you can truly feel good about using and giving.

And because we know that one scent doesn’t fit all, we offer an eclectic gallery of collections for bath, body and home…each with its own distinctive aesthetic in fragrance, formula, attitude and look. Celebrating your individuality and helping you find rituals that leave you refreshed and renewed. 

Our Formulation Philosophy 
At Vernel, our products come from our heart, but they come together in our laboratory. We develop all of our own fragrances. With the soul of an artist, our master perfumer creates signature scents that are fresh, inspiring and distinctively Vernel Kozmetik.

Our formulations are proprietary, and developed right here in our own lab. we are all women oriented people. Our chemists and customers are all women, giving them invaluable insight into what other women look for in skin, body and home care, making them uniquely able to develop products that meet those needs and desires.

Over many hours of scientific and technical expertise goes into the development of each product. We use essential oils and natural, botanical ingredients whenever possible. Our products are meticulously tested for safety and effectiveness, by us and on us. But, never ever on animals.

Our Commitment
We would never put forth a product that we wouldn’t recommend to a friend, give to our sister or use ourselves. In every way, our products are our promise to you. A promise to always deliver the highest quality experience. To help you express your creativity and personality with fragrance. And to give you more ways to make the small details in life more fulfilling, rewarding and pleasurable.